Our Services

At Affinity Caregiver, we are dedicated to providing personalized care and access to housing for vulnerable individuals. Through our unwavering commitment to utilizing community resources and our team's compassionate expertise, we strive to support each individual's unique needs with dignity and respect.

Housing Stabilization Services

Our services includes comprehensive housing transition and stabilization assistance. We collaborate with community resources to offer medical assistance benefits that aid people with disabilities and seniors in locating and securing housing. These state plan Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) are designed to provide eligible individuals with the necessary support to maintain stable housing. For more information on eligibility, enrollment, coverage, and other details, please visit this link.

Basic Support Services

These are services that provide the level of assistance, supervision and care that is necessary to ensure the health and safety of the person.

- Individual community living supports (ILCS): For people who need reminders, cues intermittent/moderate supervision or physical assistance to remain in their own homes. 

- 24-hour emergency assistance: On-call counseling and problem-solving and/or immediate response for assistance at a person's home due to a health/personal emergency. 

- Companion services: Non-medical care, supervision and socialization to a person age 18 or older. 

- Homemaker services: Eligible services range from light household cleaning to household cleaning with incidental assistance with home management and/or activities of daily living. 

- Night supervision: Provides overnight assistance and monitoring by an awake staff in the person's home. 

- Personal support: Services provided in the person's home or community in support of achieving potential, increasing independence and meeting community inclusion goals. 

- Respite care services: Short-term care due to the absence or need for relief of the family member(s) or primary caregiver normally providing the care.

In-Home Support Services

- IHS with Family Training: Provides supports and training to adults and children who live with their family. Training may be provided both to the person and the family in order to increase the capability of the person to remain in the family home and/or live more independently.

- IHS with Training: Provides supports and training to adults in the home and community. Supports include all of the basic supports as a part of IHS without Training. Persons with this service will also require skills development training to better support their independence.

- IHS without Training: Provides supports to adults or children in the home and community. Supports include assisting with community participation, assisting with health, safety, and wellness, general household management, and adaptive skills.

Employment Services

- Employment exploration services: Services that help a person gain a better understanding of competitive, integrated employment opportunities in his/her community. Exploration activities and experiences strengthen a person’s knowledge, interests and preferences so he/she can make informed decisions about competitive employment.

- Employment development services: Individualized services designed to help a person achieve competitive, integrated employment, become self-employed or establish a microenterprise business in his/her community.
- Employment support services: Individualized services and supports that 
help people maintain paid employment in community businesses/settings. Employment support services occur in integrated community settings.


Affinity Caregiver LLC offers Personal Care Assistance (PCA) services to seniors and individuals with disabilities, enabling them to maintain their independence within the community. PCA workers deliver covered services in the individual's home or within the community.
For more information on eligibility, covered services, non-covered services, remote support, limitations, and more, please visit this link.


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